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TriStar Energy Solution®
Product Description

Save up to 75% on your pool’s energy costs with TriStar Energy Solutions variable-speed pump – that’s as much as $1,200 a year. It will maximize water flow while minimizing energy consumption, so both you and your energy bill can relax.

With up to 8 programmable speeds and outstanding hydraulic performance, TriStar Energy Solution delivers superior water quality. It pumps at slower speeds for longer periods - ensuring ultimate filtration and performance and since the pump filters water under less pressure, it also runs cool and quiet.

TriStar Energy Solution meets the California Title 20 energy conserve Regulation (full text) and is desert rated, designed to withstand the harshest heat.

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  • In-ground pools of all types and sizes (including in-floor cleaning systems, solar heating systems, water features)
  • In-ground spas or in-ground pool/spa combinations
  • Fountains