Voice Controlled Pool Automation with Hayward Omni®

Hayward Omni automation integrates with Amazon® Alexa® - bringing the ease of voice control to your pool, spa and backyard.


See Hayward OmniLogic® with Amazon® Alexa® in Action

Pairing Alexa® with Omni

Hayward OmniLogic Skill can be added to your Alexa® system to bring the ease of voice control to your pool, spa, and backyard. Watch this video to learn how to register your Omni device and pair your Alexa® with Omni.

Pairing Alexa® with Omni

Voice Control with Omni

Alexa® in Action with Omni

Get the Hayward Skill

Using voice control through Hayward OmniLogic with Amazon® Alexa® is easy. You'll first have to access the 'Hayward skill' for Alexa® found on Amazon®.

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The simplest and most intuitive pool controller ever, just got better.

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