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S200 Series
Product Description

The S200 filter combines high-rate filtration performance with the durability of a corrosion proof, heavy duty, injection molded tank.

  • Durable 6” threaded inspection cover provides convenient access to top of filter
  • Corrosion-proof, heavy-duty filter tank injection molded of tough, durable ABS for dependable, all-weather performance
  • Large pressure sand/water drain for rapid winterizing or servicing
  • Extra strength, bolted center flange securely fastens tank and allows for maximum access to all internal components
  • 6-position Hayward VariFlo control valve with easy-to-use lever-action
  • Integral sight glass lets you see when backwash cycle is completed
  • Precision engineered umbrella-fold self-cleaning laterals for balanced flow and backwashing, and easy serviceability.

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Technical Specifications

Model Valve Sand Required Dimen. Width Dimen. Height
S200 1 1/2" Vari-Flo 200 lbs. 23 1/2" 37"
W3S200 1 1/2" Vari-Flo 200 lbs. 23 1/2" 37"

Performance Data - Filter

Model Effective Filtration Area Design Flow Rate Turnover 8 Hrs (Gal) Turnover 10 Hrs (Gal)
S200 2.20 ft.2 44 GPM 21,120 26,400
W3S200 2.20 ft.2 44 GPM 21,120 26,400


  • In-ground pools of all types and sizes
  • In-ground spas (residential or commercial)
  • Water features (fish ponds, fountains, water gardens)




Clear sweep union assembly with compression fitting

Item #SP1486


Dome wrench for S200 filters

Item #S200KT

The oldest and most popular method of filtration is sand. Sand filters share two things in common: 1) When in the filtration mode, water always flows from top to bottom; 2) They all have some sort of lateral or underdrain with slots to hold back sand.


SwimClear™ Multi-Element

SwimClear cartridge filters provide the most energy efficient flow and save up to 2,500 gallons of water per year by eliminating the need to backwash. Available in a wide variety of sizes to meet the needs of all swimming pool requirements.