Pool Water Features
Transform your backyard with Hayward’s family of water features. Create a dramatic visual and acoustic environment while delivering unmatched performance and flexibility. In combination with Hayward’s family of lighting options, Hayward Water Features offer a variety of effects with stunning results
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ColorLogic Laminar (Expert Line)

Item #WFL100

The ColorLogic Laminar creates a glass-like rod of arcing water from the deck to the pool. When matched with Hayward’s Colorlogic Lighting these streams are illuminated for dramatic backyard ambiance.

Deck Jet 500

The Deck Jet 500 creates an arching stream from the deck to the pool whose flow and direction are simple to adjust without tools. And with the industry’s only height-adjustment mechanism you’re ensured perfect deck alignment even after settling.

Sheer 500

The Sheer 500 can be customized to any pool to creating a customizable waterfall effect that blends seamlessly into any backyard.

ColorLogic Bubbler

The ColorLogic Bubbler creates a cascading column of water that when matched with Hayward’s Colorlogic Lighting creates the ultimate in backyard ambiance.