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AquaRite S3 Salt System 15,000 gallon

Item #AQRS315

AquaRite S3 offers all the benefits of salt chlorination with built-in pool automation. Allowing you to easily manage the chlorine levels, a pump and a heater right from the display screen.

Item #

Salt Chlorinator With Ccell (Expert Line)

Item #AQR100

AquaRite 100 for in-ground pools up to 30,000 gallons

HydraPure UV and Ozone System, Corded, 120V (Expert Line)

Item #004952001000

Perfect for new or existing pools, HydraPure’s advanced oxidation process combines UV and ozone to form hydroxyl radicals. Together these three sanitizers to destroy 99.9%* of chlorine-resistant bacteria and viruses.

AquaRite Pro Controller


AquaRite Pro is the first residential salt chlorination system with commercially robust, integrated chemistry automation that eliminates the need for an additional device on the pool pad.

Salt & Swim 3C DIY Control Unit (Cell sold separately)

Item #SAS

Salt & Swim 3C is Hayward's entry level, DIY-friendly salt chlorinator. It's easy to install and operate with the Comfort, Convenience and Cost Savings that pool owners expect from Hayward's Salt Chlorination systems. For pools up to 30,000 gallons.

AquaPlus, 4 Relays, 3 Valves, 1 Heater, Solar, T-Cell


All-in-one pool and spa automation and salt chlorination.

Saline C 6.0

Saline C 6.0's single clear vessel and power supply lower installation costs by eliminating the need for multiple salt cells. It is NSF-certified to produce up to 6 lbs of chlorine a day - enough chlorine for residential pools up to 125,000 gallons.

TurboCell Salt Chlorination Cell

TurboCell® Salt Chlorination Cells automatically convert pool salt into chlorine while providing in-ground pools with consistent sanitization. Experience the silky soft water that won't irritate eyes, dry out skin or cause fabrics to fade.

Sense & Dispense monitors residential pools to maintain balanced water, without the hassle. A continuous sensing module for pH and sanitization (ORP) levels with the ability to dispense chlorine when paired with a chlorination system.

pH Dispense, Acid Feed System, 120V


Take the work out of pool sanitization with Hayward's Acid and Liquid Chlorine Feed Systems - the most durable, easy-to-use systems on the market.