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PERFLEX EC50C W/1.5HP MATRIX PUMP & HOSES (Expert Line) Item #EC50C93S
Product Description

EXPERT LINE products are only available through your local pool professional.

Perflex filters are performance matched with our above-ground pump series to ensure a system that maximizes its filtration ability. These advanced filtration systems are designed to operate with less resistance than conventional units, producing more filtered water with less pump horsepower. Quality, value, dependability and sparkling clear pool water are the Perflex system trademarks.

  • Cleans pools fast - removes even the smallest particles the first time through
  • Patented Flex-Tube system efficiently reuses DE powder and dirt mixture to form fresh cleaning surfaces
  • Exclusive bump handle activates the Flex-Tubes, causing them to instantly purge themselves of dirt and powder
  • Pump-to-filter union connection provides simple installation and winterization
  • Modular platform base accepts optional chlorine feeder


Pumps and replacement motors that are single speed and one (1) TOTAL HP or greater cannot be sold, offered for sale, or installed in a residential pool for filtration use in California, Title 20 CCR sections 1601-1609.


Replacement dedicated-purpose pool pump motors that are single-phase and 0.5 Total HP or greater but not variable speed cannot be offered for final retail sale in California per Title 20 CCR Section 1601-1609.

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EC50C93S   PERFLEX EC50C W/1.5HP MATRIX PUMP & HOSES (Expert Line) Replacement Parts