Pool Cleaners

Pool Cleaners

Hayward offers a lineup of unique cleaners with proven, reliable technology. Our cleaners offer many exclusive innovations that drive superior performance and debris management. These cleaner characters add fun and interest to your pool and a clean pool is an inviting pool.
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AquaVac 250Li

AquaVac 250 Li cordless robotic cleaner ensures an easy clean without the hassle of tangled cords. It provides above-ground and most flat-bottomed, in-ground pools with superior coverage due to its extended battery life and 30% more debris pickup.


Penguin above-ground suction cleaner offers a fun new face as your pool’s new best friend! Designed with a unique turbine system to move gently across the bottom of all pool shapes and sizes, providing exceptionally quiet operation.


AquaBug® turbine cleaners feature the exclusive SmartDrive® programmed steering to clean faster and more thoroughly than random cleaners.

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AquaRay® is an affordable, automatic suction cleaner with only one moving part for added reliability.