Product Announcement

Hayward Cast Aluminum Large Filter Clamp Assembly

Hayward announces a new cast aluminum large filter clamp assembly (DEX2421JKIT). This new light-weight filter clamp assembly securely fastens the filter tank top and bottom while providing quick access for easier service and maintenance of all internal filter components on Hayward Pro-Grid vertical grid D.E. filters and Hayward SwimClear large capacity cartridge filters.

The new Hayward filter clamp assembly consists of two key components that work in concert with the clamp to reduce the likelihood of improper re-assembly during routine filter maintenance. A unique bolt and nut hardware configuration eliminates the need to handle and position multiple parts and utilizes a thread design that minimizes the number of turns required to secure the nut to the bolt during clamp assembly. This proves especially useful for individual technicians servicing large filters and provides years of reliable service. Additionally, the new clamp assembly includes a stainless steel reinforced tank seal that enables proper seal positioning and seal performance in partnership with the new cast aluminum clamp.

Ordering Details
Assembly Part Number DEX2421JKIT
Production Date: Available March 31, 2009