Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency is great for the environment – especially your backyard environment.

Energy Efficiency

Imagine more than 5 million people saving as much as 90% on their pool’s energy costs. Hayward Energy Solutions are more environmentally responsible on two levels. Individually, each piece of equipment is extremely energy efficient. But by working together, they reach an entirely new level of efficiency.

Hayward Energy Solutions save pool owners up to 90% on their pool’s energy costs. Our Energy Solutions can also lower a pool’s carbon footprint, while taking the work out of owning a pool and spa. They’re simply the best way for environmentally-conscious people to work less and play more.

Hayward’s Energy Solutions line of products is designed to be just as good for the Earth as it is for the pool owner. You will find environmentally conscious products that save energy, money, water and chemical costs while enhancing your overall pool experience as well. The Line is comprised of the latest pool products including pumps, cleaners, filters, heating, lighting and automation. Each "green" product features energy efficiency and offers a direct cost-savings to you.

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