Pool Chemicals

Traditional chlorination vs salt chlorination. Which pool chemicals are right for your pool set up?

What are Pool Chemicals and why are they Important?

Swimming pool chemicals include various kinds of disinfectants and sanitizers which work to control the growth of certain kinds of algae and bacteria in the pool water. Chlorine is the most common pool chemical, but did you know there were two types of chlorine?

  1. Free Chlorine
  2. Combined Chlorine

Balancing Pool Chemicals and Ratios is Essential

Your pool is a delicate beauty that requires regular sanitization to keep it clean, healthy, and safe for swimming. Natural and external factors such as algae, viruses, people, animals, and weather affect a pool's chemistry; which is why it is imperative to regularly test its chemistry and know proper chemical measurements and ratios.


7.2 - 7.8

Free Chlorine

1-3 ppm


3-5 ppm


2700-3400 ppm


30-50 ppm

Calcium Hardness

200-400 ppm

Total Dissolved Solids

less than 6000ppm

Total Alkalinity

80 - 120 ppm

What Can Affect Your Pool Chemistry Balance?

  1. Swimmers and family pets
  2. Rain Water
  3. Source Water
  4. Circulation
  5. Chemicals
  1. Phosphates
  2. Sun
  3. Wind
  4. Heat
  5. Dirt & Debris

Traditional Chlorination vs. Salt Chlorination: Which is Right for You?

Traditional chlorination sanitizes using chlorine tablets or liquid chlorine. A traditional chlorination system will apply the liquid or tablet directly to the pool to control the growth of pathogens.

Salt Chlorination is the natural alternative sanitization method to traditionally liquid or solid chemical chlorine. A salt chlorination system converts dissolved salt into just the right amount of chlorine, to satisfy 100% of pool and spa sanitization needs. Nearly 1 million households worldwide have chosen to sanitize their pools with Hayward Salt Chlorination Systems due to the comfort, convenience and cost savings salt chlorination provides.

Traditional Chlorination

Hayward's Acid or Liquid Chlorine Feed Systems offers the most reliable and durable solution on the market for automation acid or liquid chlorine dispensing in residential pools.

Salt Chlorination

Hayward Salt Systems are the world's best-selling and deliver the benefit of 3 C's of salt chlorination - comfort, convenience, and cost savins, all at a cost you'll love.