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AquaPod 2.0 Item # AQL2-POD2
Product Description

Thanks to its over-molded sealed design and fully rechargeable battery, AquaPod 2.0 isn't just water resistant, it's completely waterproof and totally programmable. When teamed with our ProLogic®, OnCommand® or AquaPlus® pool and spa automation and controls, it offers control over everything from Chemistry Automation to Universal ColorLogic® custom light shows. No matter where you are — in the house, by the pool or in the water. AquaPod 2.0 floats horizontally and its large 4.3" touch screen display makes finding it and viewing pool and spa functions easy - even at night.


  • 100% Waterproof
  • Built in rechargeable batteries (charging station included) can operate while charging
  • Floats Horizontally
  • Color LCD Display for Convenient Night-time Viewing
  • Full Functional Control of Pool, Spa and Other Outdoor Features
  • Multiple Heater and Chlorination Controls
  • Program Macro/Group Functions
  • Light Dimming Control when available
  • Dual Equipment Capable
  • Similar User Interface to ProLogic and AquaPlus Controls (no learning of new interface)

**Must be used with a Wireless Antenna which installs directly onto the side of the ProLogic, AquaPlus or OnCommand main control unit at the equipment pad and communicates with all other wireless accessories. Only one wireless base required per system.

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11.0 lbs.
AquaPod 2.0 waterproof, wireless remote


  • OnCommand Controller*
  • ProLogic* or AquaPlus* (Rev. 2.6 or higher software)
  • *Wireless Antenna AQL2-BASE-RF



Remote Controls - Wireless

AQL2-POD2   AquaPod 2.0 Replacement Parts