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  • Image for OmniLogic Smart Pool and Spa Control from Hayward Residential and Commercial Pool Products
  • Image for OmniLogic Smart Pool and Spa Control from Hayward Residential and Commercial Pool Products
  • Image for OmniLogic Smart Pool and Spa Control from Hayward Residential and Commercial Pool Products
OmniLogic Smart Pool and Spa Control
Product Description

Elite automation for fully featured new pool and spas. OmniLogic® brings backyard control to the forefront of pool technology. Enjoy the luxuries of full automation from the most intuitive app with effortless upgrades to always keep your backyard on the cutting edge.

Eliminate complexity. With the most intuitive, icon-based user-interface, set your controller to fit your preferences quickly and easily

Modular Expandability. Equipped with 4 relays with flexibility to upgrade. Increase to 20 relays with HLRELAY, HLRELAYBANK and HLEXPAND

OmniDirect Mode. Pair ColorLogic LED lighting and water features with Hayward automation to get additional color options, dimming control and more

Salt Compatibility. Designed to be salt-ready and enables you to lower your salt level down to 800 ppm. Compatible with Sense & Dispense, let OmniLogic keep your chemicals perfectly balanced.

Pump Control. Full control of up to 16 Variable Speed Pumps without using any relays

Automatic Cover Scale-Back Mode: automatically adjusts pump, chlorinator and heating settings for maximum efficiency when an electronic pool cover is closed

Compatible with Omni® Remotes: HLWRELESS, HLWALLMOUNT and HLSPASIDE

OmniLogic app: Controlling your entire pool pad is easy, fast and intuitive. Set schedules or themes, monitor and make adjustments when desired

Effortless Voice Assisted Device Control. Works with popular voice control systems like Amazon® Alexa® and Google Home®

Google Home® is a trademark of Google, LLC., Amazon® and Alexa® are trademarks of Amazon Technologies, Inc., Neither of these companies are affiliated with Hayward Industries, Inc. nor endorses this product.

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  • Any Pool or pool/spa combination
  • Single or dual equipment



OmniLogic® Expansion Panel


Adds up to 10 relays, 8 valves, 12 breakers and 1 salt chlorination transformer to the base unit.

IO Expansion Board Valves



OmniLogic® 4-Relay Module



Omni® RS485 Smart Relay


Omni smart relay kit, includes 1 smart relay, J-Box, and 6' whip, 3-year warranty

Valve Actuator, 24V, .75A, 15 ft. cable

Item #GVA-24

Valve Actuators

OmniLogic Wireless Network Bridge



OmniLogic® Wireless Waterproof Remote


Remote Controls - Wireless

OmniLogic® Wall-Mount Remote



OmniLogic® Spa Side Remote


The Spaside remote is an ideal addition to spa builds or renovations. Designed to blend in with the environment, it provides users the ability to simply adjust settings such as the temperature, switch between modes, turn on the lights, all from the spa!

Hayward Salt Plumbing Kit

Item #P-KIT

Premier Chemical Automation package for your pool.

Sense and Dispense


Sense & Dispense monitors residential pools to maintain balanced water, without the hassle. A continuous sensing module for pH and sanitization (ORP) levels with the ability to dispense chlorine when paired with a chlorination system.

AquaRite® Daughter Board


Daughter board for existing AquaRite installations. OmniHub sold separately.

Omni Support

Omni Firmware

Below you will find the latest Hayward OmniLogic Controls Firmware updates available. Please locate the Hardware that you would like to update and download the latest Firmware onto your USB memory stick. You will need to bring the USB memory stick to the Omni Control product. For OmniLogic simply plug it into the side of the Local Display behind the Dead Front and for OmniHub you will need to access the port on the bottom of the display. Next, you will need to access service mode through the power button on the bottom left corner of the main screen and from the next menu find the upgrade button, then pick the component or remote that you are upgrading. The Omni controllers will automatically reboot after the upgrade is complete. We suggest you consult your pool professional when upgrading OmniLogic firmware.

Hardware Version Release Date Release Notes Download
(Main System Processor)
R4.8.0 02/21/2023 Adobe Acrobat file View
6.6 MB
Unified OmniLogic Remote (Wired And Wireless Remote)
R4.8.0 02/21/2023 Adobe Acrobat file View
5.3 MB
(OmniLogic Expansion Panel)
R4.8.0 02/21/2023 Adobe Acrobat file View
3.2 MB
(Main Panel Processor / Main Board)
(This version not for use in Australia)
R3.2.0 12/19/2019 Adobe Acrobat file View
81 KB
(SmartPower Transformer)
R4.4.1 04/14/2023 Adobe Acrobat file View
72 KB
(Main module upgrade from Omni)
R4.4.2 11/08/2022 Adobe Acrobat file View
95 KB
(Expansion Module upgrade from Omni)
R4.1.0 11/08/2022 Adobe Acrobat file View
41 KB
Smart Relay R3.0.0 01/14/2019 Adobe Acrobat file View
73.66 KB
Spa Side Remote R3.2.0 12/19/2019 Adobe Acrobat file View
67 KB

  • In order to install firmware, installation files must be on the root directory of the USB drive.

  • It is best if you download the firmware in Chrome, Firefox or Safari browsers. If you download in Internet Explorer, once your download is complete, please remove the ".TXT" extension from the file on the USB device.

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