Mounting the Hayward Universal ColorLogic/CrystaLogic LED Light to other Niches.

The Hayward Universal ColorLogic/CrystaLogic light is UL listed and designed to install in virtually all full size pool niches. Refer to the list below for a list of compatible niches and check back to this site often for updates on all supported and non supported niches. In the interest of improving our products, if you find and confirm that a niche that we support is not listed below or if you find that something on this list is inaccurate, please contact Hayward and provide feedback. We will send you a small gift in exchange for your time.

Pentair® (may need to use spacer -see below)
Sta-Rite® (may need to drill out tab -see below)
Swimquip® (may need to drill out tab -see below)
Hydrel® (contact Hayward for adapter kit and template)
Paragon® (contact Hayward for adapter kit and template)

For some installations into Pentair® niches, the plastic spacer must be used.

For some installations into Sta-Rite® and SwimQuip® niches, the bottom tab may need to be removed.

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