Light Up The Night With Hayward® ColorLogic® 4.0


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ELIZABETH, N.J. — Hayward Pool Products, the industry leader in LED technology, offers pool owners the widest spectrum of color choices along with significant energy savings with the new ColorLogic® 4.0 available now. ColorLogic comes equipped with 12 pre-set programs and seven extraordinary color-changing shows, five fixed colors and full integration with its proprietary Pro Logic® Total Pool Management control system.

"Pool and spa owners are making their swimming pool and spa the focal point of their backyard experience. ColorLogic 4.0 allows them to set the mood for an all out party or a romantic evening for two with amazing custom light shows, 100 colors and the unique ability to control the light intensity from 100 percent down to 20 percent," said Joe DiOrio, lighting product manager for Hayward Pool Products. "But, ColorLogic 4.0 is more than just pretty colors. It's an extremely efficient lighting option and can save pool owners up to 79 percent of their energy costs when compared to traditional pool lighting."

When integrated with Pro Logic® automation, ColorLogic 4.0 extends the number of light shows from 7 to 11, including new shows "Harmony" and "Rainbow." The five fixed colors can be adjusted to 101 different color tones including off. Also new, is the ability to integrate the five fixed colors into a custom fade or custom chase pattern.

The market leader's patented Chromacore® technology, microprocessor and the industry's most advanced LEDs, allow for unmatched performance and noise-and service-free operation. It is available in 120V, and the product can be installed in new and existing pools and spas.

About Hayward Pool Products
Hayward Pool Products, a division of Hayward Industries Inc., is the largest manufacturer of residential swimming pool equipment in the world. Headquartered in Elizabeth, New Jersey, Hayward designs, manufactures and markets the Totally Hayward® System, a complete line of residential pool equipment including pumps, filters, heating, cleaners, sanitization, automation, lighting, safety and energy solutions.

The company, which has built its brand on innovation, energy-efficiency, safety and reliability, includes such brands as TriStar®, Super Pump®, Pro Logic®, HeatPro®, SwimClear™, ColorLogic®, Aqua Rite®, Navigator®, Pool Vac Ultra®, Phantom®, TigerShark®, among others. Hayward products are sold through a network of distributors and 3,000 Totally Hayward Dealer Partners throughout the U.S., Canada, Asia, Australia, Latin America and the Middle East. For more information, contact Hayward at (908) 351-5400.