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Hurricane Recovery Support

Hayward’s thoughts are with you and your neighbors as you work together to recover from the hurricanes.

We understand that you will have many things to prioritize in the coming weeks. While it may be some time before you turn your attention to your swimming pool, we’re here to help when you’re ready.

TriStar VS Pump

Inspecting Your Pool Equipment

If electrical or gas pool equipment has been exposed to flood water, multiple components could be affected. For your safety and the long-term reliability of the equipment, we strongly recommend that you have it inspected by a pool professional.

After inspecting your equipment, the pool professional will be able to determine whether it needs to be repaired or replaced.

Hayward electrical or gas pool products exposed to flood water are not covered under warranty and Hayward will not be responsible for the cost of repair or replacement.

Cleaning your Pool Following a Hurricane

Floodwater can contain elements you don't want in your pool, such as sand, algae, phosphates, and sewage. When cleaning your pool, you'll first want to inspect for cracks and leaks. Then you can begin to clean debris from the pool water and from the deck area. Next is cleaning your filter. Depending on the debris load, this may need to be done several times.

Click here ​to continue reading our top 10 tips on how to clean your pool following a hurricane.

Locating a Pool Professional

Hayward offers a responsive network of pool professionals who are ready to assist.

Click here to locate a Hayward pool professional in your area.

Replacing Your Pool Equipment

If your pool professional determines that you need to replace your pool equipment, you can use our rebates to reduce the expense.

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Click here to locate a Hayward pool professional in your area.

Dedicated Support

If you have questions about your equipment, how to arrange for service, or how to locate a dealer in your area, we have dedicated call center staff ready to assist.

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