Hayward® Unveils CrystaLogic™, the Industry’s First White LED Pool and Spa Lights UL Listed for Virtually Any Niche

This all-plastic, low-voltage 12V LED light features best in class energy efficiency and brightness


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ELIZABETH, NJ (May 07, 2012) — Hayward Commercial Pool unveils its new Universal CrystaLogic™ white LED lighting, the most brilliant and versatile lighting for commercial pools and spas.

This breakthrough design combines all the very latest high performance LED and advanced polymer technology to deliver extraordinary lumen per watt energy efficiency and associated long lifetime cost benefits. The unique 12V, all-plastic light and niche design eliminates the need for bond, ground wire and GFCI. UL listed to retrofit virtually all existing manufacturer’s niches, CrystaLogic is the perfect aftermarket upgrade product. For new construction, the shallow design together with a new all-plastic Thin Niche, just 2 3/4 inches deep allows niches to be mounted to the face of the rebar saving well over $150 in material and labor per light. Additionally, the innovative design delivers unparalleled versatility; lights can be mounted in as little as 4 inches of water either on the sidewall or upwardly facing from the floor.

According to Hayward Commercial General Manager Patrick Sweeney, “These LED lights are incredibly brilliant. Their patent-pending design comprised of advanced LEDs, optics and thermal management, delivers extraordinary, best in class lumen output. We’re equally excited about their versatility and efficiency. CrystaLogic LED all-plastic lights are truly universal, meaning these lights are UL listed to go into virtually any manufacture’s niche. Additionally, new pools with beach entries, steps, shelves, water features, etc. can also upgrade to LED lighting. What this will do for the ambiance of these bodies of water, not to mention the dramatic energy cost savings, is game changing.”

These low voltage lights offer energy savings of up to 79 percent over incandescent and can last 10 times longer. “There is simply nothing that compares,” said Sweeney. Based on actual integrating sphere lumen measurements, the CrystaLogic 300W delivers the same lumens as the leading competitor’s claimed 500W equivalent light.

The key features of Hayward Commercial’s new Universal CrystaLogic LED lighting system include:

  • UL listed to be installed in virtually any pool or spa niche
  • Brightest 100W Spa, 300W Pool equivalent LED lights
  • Use up to 79 percent less energy than incandescent lights and lasts up to 10 times longer
  • Energy and maintenance savings can deliver a payback in less than two years
  • 12V, 2-wire, all-plastic design with unbreakable lens eliminates the requirement for either a bond or ground wire
  • Can be installed in a little as 4 inches below the waterline and upward facing without rock guard
  • UCL Thin Niche provides incredible installation savings for new construction
  • J-box retrofit transformer kits available for easy high-to-low-voltage conversion
  • 300 watt transformer available for multi-light installations
  • 30, 50 and 100 foot cable models available
  • Ships with smooth white and silver luster starburst trim rings. Additional rings are available in faux chrome, black, blue, beige, gray and white starburst

For more information, or to schedule an interview with a Hayward spokesperson, please contact Gary Young at 612-247-8123 or gyoung@scalesadvertising.com.

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