Hayward Salt Videos

Video #1

Hayward is the #1 manufacturer and market leader in Salt Chlorination, worldwide. With over 1 million Salt Chlorinators in service, Hayward knows Salt and has been enhancing the swimming experience of pool owners for more than 80 years.

Video #2

Find out why YOU should put Hayward Salt Chlorination on your pool today. With the comfort of no more red eyes or itchy skin, the convenience of not having to handle harsh traditional chlorine, and a cost savings of 50% or more over chlorine costs, you can't say no to a salt-sanitized pool.


I love my Hayward Salt System because of comfort - especially for my husband. He wouldn't swim in a regular chlorine pool because his eyes always burned really bad - with our salt water pool, he doesn't have that problem now! We had our salt system installed in the spring of 2007 and have not regretted it one bit! Cost is exceptionally low for our salt water pool - approximately 25,000 gallons. Convenience - oh the wonderful convenience!

- Debby Jones

Why do I love my Hayward Salt System? The reasons are many. There are so many advantages to this system. I think my number one reason would be the wonderful feeling your skin enjoys from the silky soft water. Of course not having to buy and store bulky chlorine supplies is a big plus. I also like to be among the first to have new technology, and I've had my system for many years. As I said, there are no reasons NOT to love a Hayward Salt Pool!

- Robert Ruo

I love my Hayward salt system because it so much easier than dealing with chlorine tablets all the time! It's also much cheaper to run and the water is so much gentler. No more red eyes!

- Steve Thomas

All swimming pools should be required to have salt chlorinators. They are clean, easy, and less maintenance than chlorine. We love our our Hayward salt chlorinator because our children and the kids love it in our neighborhood. The most popular pool is ours, and is also the only one with salt. No chlorine smell, or burning eyes. Salt is 21st century technology and chlorine is old school 20th century. Our Hayward salt chlorinator still works and was installed back in 1999!!

- Sean Stead

My company is a warranty and repair center for every major salt chlorination equipment manufacturer and I know from experience over the last 20 years that the Hayward AquaRite® salt chlorinator is nearly bulletproof!"

- Rodney Stienstra

Salt chlorination systems really help consumers use less of other
chemicals in their pool

- Michael Shammas, Owner

As a pool servicer for the last 20 years, my company has managed literally thousands of pools, most of these have been outfitted with Hayward Salt Systems. I know my customers love them, because they tell me about the fact that their skin does not itch anymore and their kid's eyes don't turn red. I like these systems too because they help me prevent the pools from getting algae, which is a very challenging task in the desert valley.

- Bill Minker