Advanced turbine design enhances performance, energy-efficiency and debris management.


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ELIZABETH, NJ (January 22, 2016)Hayward Pool Products unveils the next generation of its two most successful series of suction cleaners with the introduction of Navigator® V-Flex and PoolVac V-Flex. Both suction cleaners have been reengineered with a new internal turbine design, V-Flex. This new design increases suction power allowing use of cleaner at lower flow – perfect for variable-speed pumps as well as easier management of larger debris.

Current owners of Navigator and PoolVac cleaner models can also experience the power of V-Flex technology, by purchasing the new V-Flex Upgrade Kit, designed to retrofit most legacy suction cleaner models.

According to Hayward Global Product Manager for Cleaners, Patrick Caty, "This is exciting news for our customers. Navigator and PoolVac, recognized for best-in-class pool coverage have just been upgraded with new internal turbine technology to deliver more power, performance and reliability than ever. We believe V-Flex variable vane turbine technology and a new bearing-free A-frame will delight our loyal Navigator and PoolVac owners as they experience the next generation of Hayward suction cleaners. It also presents a compelling reason for new consumers to experience the best suction cleaner on the market."

Patented V-Flex Technology
Patented V-Flex variable vane turbine technology allows the cleaner to handle larger debris for virtually clog-free cleaning. The variable vanes within the turbine adjust automatically to accommodate passage of this larger debris. The energy-efficient design of V-Flex maximizes suction power at almost any flow, making it a perfect cleaner to pair with variable-speed pumps."

Caty added, "The Navigator V-Flex and PoolVac V-Flex suction cleaners offer unrivaled debris management, unmatched pool coverage steering (SmartDrive®/AquaPilot®), and energy-efficiency. V-Flex is considered the most advanced, unique suction cleaner turbine technology on the market, and is patented and proprietary to Hayward's suction cleaners.

The features and benefits of V-Flex include:

  • New internal turbine design:
    • V-Flex technology – Patented self-adjusting variable vanes automatically adjust easily to allow for large debris to pass through the cleaner, providing clog-free cleaning.
    • Energy efficient design – Built to work better and last longer, the new design provides maximum suction power at lower flows, making it the perfect partner for use with variable-speed pumps.
  • New turbine assembly and bearing-free A-frame – Reduces the number of parts to maintain and increases reliability.
  • SmartDrive/AquaPilot programmed steering – Unique patented programmed steering technology creates predictable cleaning patterns around any pool, and reliably delivers unparalleled complete pool coverage.
  • Ease of use – The direct quick-connect to a skimmer or suction port makes set-up simple and painless.
  • EXPERT LINE products – Both V-Flex cleaner models and Upgrade Kit are part of the Hayward Expert Line and are not available for resale online.

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