Hayward® Pool Products New Acid Feed System Automates pH Balancing


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ELIZABETH, NJ — Hayward® Pool Products, the market leader in swimming pool products, unveils its latest addition to Sense and Dispense® chemistry automation line – the Stenner Pump Acid Feed System. According to Hayward, the new product has the potential to transform the way owners care for their pools.

Hayward chose Stenner’s pump system because their tested approach to chemical delivery is robust, safe and reliable.  With Sense and Dispense and the new Stenner Pump Acid Feed System, pool owners will be able to spend less time transporting and handling chemicals and more time enjoying their pool. The new system automatically balances the rise in pH that often occurs with the use of salt chlorination systems in pools and spas. Managed by Hayward’s Sense and Dispense chemistry automation, the combination of the Stenner pump with a salt chlorination system makes chlorine and pH control simple and automatic. Sense and Dispense is an option that works in conjunction with Aqua Rite Pro, Pro Logic and Aqua Plus.

“Proper pH control is critically important to optimizing the effectiveness of chlorine, as well as protecting swimming pool equipment,” says Hayward Industries Sanitization Product Manager Ray Denkewicz. “The Stenner Pump Acid Feed System helps provide the highest quality pool and spa water while also protecting pool owners’ valuable investments.”

About Hayward Pool Products
Hayward Pool Products, a division of Hayward Industries Inc., is the largest manufacturer of residential swimming pool equipment in the world. Headquartered in Elizabeth, New Jersey, Hayward designs, manufactures and markets the Totally Hayward® System, a complete line of residential pool equipment including pumps, filters, heating, cleaners, sanitization, automation, lighting, safety and energy solutions.

The company, which has built its brand on innovation, energy-efficiency, safety and reliability, includes such brands as TriStar®, Super Pump®, Pro Logic®, HeatPro®, Viper™, SwimClear™, ColorLogic®, Aqua Rite®, Navigator®, Pool Vac Ultra®, Phantom®, TigerShark® , among others.   Hayward products are sold through a network of distributors and 3,000 Totally Hayward Dealer Partners throughout the U.S., Canada, Asia, Australia, Latin America and the Middle East. For more information, contact Hayward at (908) 351-5400.