Hayward Pool Products' Drain Covers Compliant with Pool Safety Act


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Elizabeth, N.J. – As the deadline for compliance with the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act approaches, Hayward Pool Products announces its drain covers meet the very specific requirements of the ASME/ASTM A112.19.8-2007and are embossed with the ASME/ANSI logos – the definitive sign of Safety Act compliance.

According to Kevin Potucek, vice president of marketing for Hayward Pool Products, all public pools must replace the non-compliant drain covers or suction outlets in all swimming, wading and diving pools, as well as spas and hot tubs by December 19, 2008. The Consumer Product Safety Commission can impose criminal and civil penalties for those found non-compliant. Public pools as defined with the context of the act include those found in: apartment complexes, condominiums, public or private clubs, hotel resorts, and neighborhood schools.

Potucek added, "Safety is paramount for Hayward. We took the lead on developing compliant drain covers, and we are very pleased they pass the stringent testing for hair entanglement, body entrapment and improved Ultra Violet (UV) stability."

Pool owners and operators should first identify the manufacturer, size and rated flow of the facility's existing drain and drain covers. Refer to the manufacturer's website for the proper replacement covers. Hayward has suction outlets and covers available in a range of shapes and sizes to meet the replacement requirements for all previously manufactured Hayward drains. For sump-type drains, it's important to ensure the cover can be retrofitted or the entire unit will have to be replaced.

"Consider using a certified diver to replace the drain cover or suction fittings," said Potucek. "Once installed, they should be checked regularly for loose screws or damage as part of your regular pool maintenance program. Typically, approved drain covers have a rated-life of seven years. Record the installation date in a conspicuous place for scheduled replacement. There is no compromise when it comes to pool safety."

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