Hayward Pool Products Awards Backyard Sweepstakes Winner In New York


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ELIZABETH, N.J. — Hayward Pool Products® announced the winner of its Energy Solutions™ Backyard Sweepstakes is Joseph Cagnazzi of Smithtown, NY. The installation of the prize package is complete, and just in time for the winners to dive into the New York pool season.

The Backyard Sweepstakes was a random drawing sponsored by Hayward to spotlight the company’s state-of-the-art, Energy Solutions. The Cagnazzi family has won a Hayward Energy Solutions Pad, which contains an energy-efficient two-speed pump, TigerShark® Robotic Cleaner, Universal H-Series Heater, SwimClear™ Filter, and Pro Logic® Control.  

“I was delighted to discover I was winner of the Backyard Sweepstakes,” Cagnazzi said.  “Hayward products are the Cadillac of pool equipment.  I’ve had a Hayward pump on my pool for about 24 years and it has performed flawlessly. I know the upgraded equipment will exceed my expectations and help me save cash, too.”

According to Hayward Kevin Potucek, vice president of product management, retrofitting the Cagnazzi’s 25-year-old pool with Hayward's energy efficient products can lower their pool energy bills up to 75% percent. “Today, the world’s focus is on the economy and the environment. Hayward Pool Products continues its longstanding tradition of providing high-quality equipment that significantly reduces  energy costs while being kinder to the environment. Our products are energy- and cost-efficient, while making pool maintenance easier.”

Potucek explained that all of the prize equipment was installed free of charge and automation of pool functions was customized to Cagnazzi’s specific lifestyle needs.  “The technology has changed considerably since we put in our pool 24 years ago,” Cagnazzi said. “While I’ve been very happy with the Hayward products – and haven’t had to replace anything but a filter 20 years ago – I’m excited to see what the new products will do.”

For more information, or to schedule an interview with a Hayward technical spokesperson, please contact Gary Young at 612-247-8123.

About Hayward® Industries
Hayward Pool Products, a division of Hayward Industries, Inc., has been America’s first choice in residential swimming pool equipment for more than 40 years. The company markets the Totally Hayward® System of advanced pool equipment to help address some of the challenges faced by many pool owners such as safety, energy efficiency and maintenance time and costs. The company’s diverse product line includes pumps, filters, heaters, heat pumps, automatic pool cleaners, controls, colored lighting, valves, vacuum release systems, regulation-compliant drain covers and other general pool products for residential and commercial applications.

Hayward Industries is headquartered in Elizabeth, N.J. For more information, contact Hayward at (908) 351-5400 or visit www.haywardnet.com.

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