ColorLogic® 80 & 40 syncs seamlessly with the 12V ColorLogic LED Family and offers the best solution on the market for lighting custom water features and hardscapes


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ELIZABETH, NJ (January 20, 2016)Hayward Pool Products introduces two new .5-inch LED lights at The Pool & Spa Show in Atlantic City. With the inclusion of ColorLogic 80 and ColorLogic 40, Hayward will offer the best solution on the market for custom water feature and hardscape lighting that coordinates with the entire backyard environment.

Historically, fiber optic lights were the best solution for illuminating custom features such as rock waterfalls or grottos. However, using coordinated fiber optics to light an entire backyard environment was typically very expensive and difficult to install. Many builders moved to using LED lights due to the lower cost and easier install, but until now did not have a product specifically created to light custom rock features and waterfalls. The size and flexibility of ColorLogic 80 & 40 lights make them an ideal solution for these environments, and sync seamlessly with all lights in Hayward's low-voltage ColorLogic family.

"There's been a longstanding builder need for a completely coordinated LED solution in projects involving rock waterfalls and other custom features," said Hayward's Associate Product Manager for Lighting, Paul Poisson. "Our lighting portfolio is rapidly expanding with the primary goal of meeting those needs in the most efficient and effective ways."

ColorLogic 80 & 40 seal directly into the end of ½ inch PVC conduit offering the easiest and most flexible installation. These discreet lights deliver rich, colorful detail and feature the same 10 fixed colors and seven color-changing shows as the rest of the ColorLogic family. Available in two brightness levels and UL listed to be installed in wet or dry environments, these versatile lights allow builders to effectively light an entire environment.

ColorLogic 80 & 40 LED features and benefits include:

  • Illumination of hard to reach areas such as steps, water features, custom rock waterfalls, landscaping, steps, decking, sun shelves, sheers, and more.
  • Discreet design allows homeowners to enjoy backyard ambience without seeing the source.
  • Simple to sync with the 12V ColorLogic family of lights, offering the same 10 fixed colors and seven color-changing shows.
  • Compression installation provides the industry's easiest and most flexible set-up.
  • Easy installation in wet or dry environments, in ½ inch PVC conduit, and in as little as four inches of water.
  • Available in two brightness levels.
  • Last 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs
  • 86% more efficient electrically than typical incandescent bulbs

For more information on ColorLogic LED lights, go to hayward.com/colorlogic, or contact Jennifer Delgado at 908.351.5400 x4252 or pr@hayward.com.

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