Hayward Introduces SwimClear™ The Largest, High-Capacity Residential Cartridge Filter Available

New cartridge filter model delivers 700 square-feet of heavy-duty dirt-holding capacity and can go up to an entire season without cleaning.


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Swim Clear C7030ELIZABETH, NJ (April 28, 2014) Hayward® Pool Products announces the introduction of SwimClear™ C7030, its largest-capacity cartridge pool filter yet. Delivering 700 square feet of effective filtration area, it is the largest and most efficient cartridge filter in the residential pool market.

The development of eco-friendly, innovative and value added products for the swimming pool industry, are always a top priority for Hayward Pool Products, according to Global Filtration Product Manager Ali Ekbatani.

“We are actively involved in the national water conservation efforts, as well as with industry regulations and guidelines which help us to deliver pool filters that conserve as much water as possible, with superior water clarity,” he said.

The new SwimClear C7030 offers heavy dirt holding capacity for extra-long cycles between cleanings, and will operate up to an entire season without cleaning. “This filter will provide years of trouble-free operation without a drop of water lost due to backwashing,” said Ekbatani.

All SwimClear models include the following standard features:

  • Top manifold
    • Offers excellent filtration with bottom-up water distribution.
    • Uses entire cartridge surface area for better filtration.
    • Super-extends time between cleaning.
    • Energy saving hydraulics ~ reduced head-loss lowers cost of operation.

  • Unions 2” x 2 ½”
    • Great for energy-efficient larger plumbing requirements.

  • Large internal plumbing 2”
    • Less resistance to flow for better performance and energy efficiency.

  • New inlet/outlet
    • Uses entire cartridge surface area for better filtration.
    • Drop-in replacement for existing SwimClear filters

  • Ergonomic Heavy Duty Clamp
    • Easy Access to internal components and cartridge elements.

For more information, images or to schedule an interview with a Hayward spokesperson, please contact Gary Young at 908.351.5400 x4252 or pr@haywardnet.com.

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