The Web Configurator Tool allows builders to remotely create a backyard configuration from any web-enable device and then transfer to a USB drive.


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ELIZABETH, NJ (January 22, 2016)Hayward Pool Products introduces a new OmniLogic® configuration tool at the Pool & Spa Show in Atlantic City. The Web Configurator gives builders the ability to configure a pool from a web browser and then upload to the OmniLogic via a USB drive.

Previously, all configurations were required to be done on the OmniLogic base unit. Now, builders have access to the full configuration tool from any web-enabled device. This includes configuring up to two bodies of water as shared or dual equipment, water chemistry management, heating, water features, and pool, spa and backyard lighting.

"Our goal is to continually simplify the configuration process for builders," said Senior Product Manager for Controls and Backyard Synergies Greg Fournier. "Rather than being confined to the job site, builders now have the flexibility to set-up a pool from anywhere with Internet access."

After setting up a pool using the Web Configurator, the configuration file is then downloaded to a USB and then uploaded to the OmniLogic base unit.

For more information about the Web Configurator, or the OmniLogic Automation System, go to thepowerofsimple.com, or contact Jennifer Delgado at 908.351.5400 x4252 or pr@hayward.com.

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