Hayward® Commercial Pool Unveils Saline C™ 6.0 a Breakthrough Single Vessel Commercial Salt Chlorine Generation System

Compact industrial-grade design, NSF certified to produce up to 6 pounds chlorine per day.


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ELIZABETH, NJ (November 13, 2012) — Hayward Commercial Pool announces its new Commercial Salt Chlorine Generator, Saline C™ 6.0, NSF certified to produce up to 6 pounds of chlorine per day.

This new compact design comprises a single clear plastic vessel and a single power supply eliminating the need for traditional multi-cell installations which both compromise performance and drive up installation cost and space. Designed specifically to meet the demanding Commercial Pool and Spa application, this breakthrough product now affords users to enjoy a natural, enjoyable swimming experience with an eco-friendly, low cost chlorine solution. According to Hayward Commercial General Manager, Patrick Sweeney, “our Saline C 6.0 provides a competitive source of Chlorine reducing sanitizing costs by 40% to 60% vs. traditional chemical Chlorine.” Sweeney further added, “Pool operators/mangers can now offer all the benefits of a saline pool with an elegant single cell solution avoiding the compromised performance and costly space-wasting installations associated with “daisy chaining” multiple vessels to produce the same amount of chlorine.”

Saline C 6.0 is readily compatible with pH and ORP chemical automation systems making it the ideal water chemistry solution for any commercial body of water. Sweeney says “all you need to do is connect the Saline C to one of our CAT Controllers® and the system becomes a self managing, automated solution.” Commercial pool operators can now take advantage of this eco-friendly, low cost Chlorine solution and at the same time eliminate transportation, handling and storage of hazardous Chlorine.

Key features of the new Saline C 6.0 Commercial Salt Chlorine Generator include:

  • Commercial pool sizing 60,000gallons outdoor, 90,000 gallons indoor
  • Compact design, single cell and power supply
  • Industrial-grade, clear vessel reaction chamber for easy inspection
  • 4mm plate gaps for lower maintenance, accompanied by reverse polarity self-cleaning technology
  • Simple one-minute electrode removal for cleaning or replacement
  • Plug-N-Play operation with any ORP/PPM chemistry control system
  • Single button user adjustable output control from 5% to 100%
  • 40% to 60% lower cost-per-pound chlorine production vs. sodium and calcium hypochlorite
  • Energy-efficient power supply draws only 4 to 6 amps
  • NSF Certified

For more information, or to schedule an interview with a Hayward spokesperson, please contact Gary Young at (612) 247-8123 or gyoung@scalesadvertising.com.

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