Hayward® Commercial Pool Products Introduces “One Stop Shop” For Chemical Automation

“A powerful yet affordable pH/ORP water chemistry controller package”


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ELIZABETH, NJ (September 5, 2011) — Hayward® Commercial Pool Products has added a new model to the Hayward Commercial Controller product line, the HCC 2000 Complete Package. This “Complete Package” provides the ultimate one stop shop experience, one unit pre-configured with everything required to make water chemistry management simple, convenient, and affordable. This package includes the HCC 2000 Controller, flow cell, and flow sensor, all NOW pre-mounted on a backboard with peristaltic feed pumps for pH and chlorine adjustment.

The HCC 2000 Complete Pack’s compact design is perfect for new and/or existing applications. This powerful microprocessor-based controller features proportional feed to ensure precise water chemistry and reduced maintenance. It operates using the Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) method of water analysis to ensure rapid deactivation of waterborne pathogens such as E.coli.

The controller package comes as standard with our heavy duty, Professional Series sensors where performance and longevity are unmatched in the industry. The sensors are made of Poly Pro™ solid polymer reference technology matched with patented porous Teflon® fluid junction for protection and simple maintenance.

The controller features our advanced, fully programmable microprocessor-based technology which is extremely user-friendly with easy to read display of chemical readings and/or status. The controller also incorporates overfeed time out alarms to provide an extra layer of protection against overfeed of chemicals.

According to General Manager Patrick Sweeney “This powerful controller offers everything a pool operator and/or manager needs to make their maintenance simple and affordable without compromising performance. The only difference between the HCC 2000 Complete Package and the HCC 2000 is the addition of the peristaltic pumps. We want to make things convenient with an “all in one” unit. Adding the peristaltic pumps to the backboard provides the ultimate in convenience for chemical automation.”

Key features and benefits of the HCC 2000 Completed Package include:

  • Fully programmable microprocessor-based technology with a simple user interface and easy to ready display of all chemical readings or status
  • Heavy-duty Professional Series of pH and ORP sensors with unparalleled performance and longevity
  • ORP and pH relays allow automatic powered control of external chemical feed accessories
  • 2 Peristaltic Chemical Feed Pumps

About Hayward Commercial
Hayward® Commercial Pool Products was officially launched in January 2010 by Hayward Industries Inc. as a business serving the commercial pool and spa market. Building on an 80-year heritage of producing high quality products for the pool industry and its reputation for customer satisfaction, Hayward's new business offers a line of technologically advanced commercial products for aquatic facilities and businesses. To ensure pool and spa operators keep their facilities running smoothly, Hayward Commercial also provides direct access to the continued support of a dedicated team of knowledgeable representatives.

Hayward's commercial products include a line of pumps, filters, heaters, automation, cleaners, valves, sanitization, safety, and color LED lighting products. For more information, contact Hayward Commercial at 1-800-657-2287 or visit www.haywardcommercialpool.com