Hayward® Commercial Pool Products Announces A New Design For Their Remote Water Quality Management Website; poolcomm.com

“PoolComm is a revolutionary way to manage multiple bodies of water from a remote location”


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ELIZABETH, NJ (September 6, 2011) — Since the inception of CAT® Controller’s wireless web-based controls system, PoolComm® has established itself as the leading water quality management tool. Hayward® Commercial Pool Products is now pleased to announce the next step in the evolution of this unique product with the launch of our newly branded PoolComm website www.poolcomm.com. The recent design changes implemented on our commercial website www.haywardcommercialpool.com have been carried over to the PoolComm website to deliver a fresh new look.

According to Patrick Sweeney, General Manager, “We wanted to update the website to keep the design and layout consistent across the board with all Hayward website platforms. While consistency is key, we felt that transforming PoolComm with a new look and feel would also enhance the user experience.”

For all existing PoolComm users, the website layout and functionality is unchanged; the changes made are primarily cosmetic to improve the user experience. The PoolComm website can be accessed directly either by entering the URL www.poolcomm.com in your web browser, or through the Hayward Commercial website www.haywardcommercialpool.com via the e-spot on the homepage.

For those who have yet to experience this unique platform, PoolComm is a revolutionary way to manage the water quality of multiple bodies of water through the internet via any computer, iPhone®, Blackberry® or web-enabled mobile device. PoolComm allows detailed remote monitoring and control of several key operational parameters, including pH and ORP. The color coded alarm displays with notifications via email or text proactively alert operators or managers to potential issues; the audit trail provides a record of key data for further analysis.

Included below are a few key steps as to how to navigate to the new PoolComm website using our demonstration login credentials. Sweeney concluded “We have a very dedicated commercial support team who are highly experienced with the functionality of this website and are always available for any questions or help someone may need.” He continued to add that, “we assure you that your experience using the new PoolComm website will be an invaluable tool helping meet your water quality management needs.”

Experience this revolutionary platform by following the steps below.

1.  A) Directly enter the URL www.poolcomm.com in your web browser, or
     B) Log in via the commercial homepage www.haywardcommercialpool.com

2. Login to Poolcomm using demonstration credentials:

  • User Login: demo
  • Password: demo

3. Explore the website at your own leisure with the demo credentials.

About Hayward Commercial
Hayward® Commercial Pool Products was officially launched in January 2010 by Hayward Industries Inc. as a business serving the commercial pool and spa market. Building on an 80-year heritage of producing high quality products for the pool industry and its reputation for customer satisfaction, Hayward's new business offers a line of technologically advanced commercial products for aquatic facilities and businesses. To ensure pool and spa operators keep their facilities running smoothly, Hayward Commercial also provides direct access to the continued support of a dedicated team of knowledgeable representatives.

Hayward's commercial products include a line of pumps, filters, heaters, automation, cleaners, valves, sanitization, safety, and color LED lighting products. For more information, contact Hayward Commercial at 1-800-657-2287 or visit www.haywardcommercialpool.com