Hayward® Commercial Pool Introduces Two New Versions Of World's First Wireless CAT Controller®

The advanced web-based management tool that revolutionized remote monitoring and control offers new enhancements including conductivity/TDS monitoring


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ELIZABETH, NJ (November 12, 2013) - Hayward® Commercial Pool Products, which introduced the world’s first wireless, internet-based water quality controller with worldwide coverage, is announcing two new advanced controllers for the commercial pool market. The new Hayward CAT 3500® automated controller and CAT 5500® wireless, communicating controller are equipped with the most state-of-the-art components and monitoring capabilities tailored specifically for salt chlorine applications. These products were developed for commercial pool servicers, operators and managers seeking simple, yet powerful wireless controllers with pH, ORP, conductivity, backup sanitization and internet-based monitoring capabilities – all at an affordable price.

According to Hayward, the advancements to the new CAT 3500 and CAT 5500 further enhance the capabilities of the feature-rich CAT Controllers product line to address the growing adoption of salt chlorination in commercial applications. The new models feature an innovative new sensor to monitor salinity levels and total dissolved solids (TDS). Additionally, both controllers feature dual ORP set points specifically to satisfy back-up sanitization requirements and secondary ORP control.

The CAT 3500 is ideal for monitoring and controlling pH, ORP and salinity/TDS in recreational water applications using salt chlorination. The CAT 5500 additionally features satellite, cellular, or Wi-Fi® communication protocols to connect with PoolComm®. The CAT 5500 also features a temperature sensor and two additional relays that can be used to control chosen features of the pool such as temperature control, water level control and even backwash cycles.

“The CAT 3500 and CAT 5500 represent the logical extension of our controller range; as the industry embraces advances in sanitization technology, our controllers continue to provide a simple, cost-effective, future-ready platform to ensure effective water quality management" said Patrick Sweeney, General Manager of Hayward Commercial Pool Products. “The CAT 5500 specifically works in conjunction with our wireless web-based PoolComm, water quality management platform, enabling remote monitoring and management of multiple bodies of water, from anywhere in the world."

The CAT 3500 and CAT 5500 perfectly complement the Hayward Saline C™ 6.0 commercial salt chlorine generator, maintaining precise control of pH and sanitizer levels while also enabling backup disinfection and salt/TDS monitoring.

Key Features and Benefits of CAT 3500®

  • pH and ORP controller with conductivity/TDS monitoring
  • Dual sanitizer set points for back-up ORP control
  • Controller comes pre-mounted with installation equipment
  • 5-year warranty

Key Features and Benefits of CAT 5500®

  • pH and ORP controller with conductivity/TDS monitoring
  • Temperature sensor for heater control
  • Dual sanitizer set points for back-up ORP control
  • 2 auxiliary relays for control versatility
  • Controller comes pre-mounted with installation equipment
  • 5-year warranty

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