Hayward® Commercial Pool Announces Its Next Generation of HCF Series Commercial Sand Filters


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ELIZABETH, NJ (January 24, 2012) — Hayward’s line of HCF Series Commercial Sand Filters has been further strengthened for 2012. Incorporating several new high-end features and a new 34” model for the renovation market, Hayward has once again taken the technical lead in this key Commercial product category.

In 2009, Hayward Commercial reset the bar for high performance quality sand filters for the Commercial market. The 30” and 36” HCF models featured an infusion molded, gel-coated thermoset fiberglass structure complemented with oversized, grid-array laterals to improve filtration and lengthen filter cycle time. The 2012 line up builds on this design incorporating a new rapid open/close tool-free lid mechanism featuring a 14” x 18” industrial-grade lid and yoke assembly, the lid even has 2 viewing windows to allow visual inspection while the filter is in operation. When open, the manway is an unprecedented, massive 12” x 16” for easy media loading and filter inspection. Self-leveling injection molded support legs are permanently bonded to the tank and are suitable for Zone 4 seismic conditions.

A new 34” diameter filter has also added to the range. Able to fit easily through any standard 36” door frame, this filter combines high performance, capacity, convenience and low cost of installation benefits when retro-fitting old/obsolete filters.

According to Patrick Sweeney, “Since its introduction in 2009, our HCF Series Commercial Sand Filters has been universally well received. Pool operators and managers really appreciate the rugged design and category-leading performance. The new features being launched in this year’s 2012 model offer some really exciting new benefits, the massive manway offers users and servicers a new level of convenience and ease of operation not presently available on competitive alternatives. The 34” diameter filter is a direct response to our Customers requests. When removing and replacing older filters, it is often the case that the replacement will not fit through the equipment room door. No problem with the HCF343 series, it passes through a standard 36” door with no need to incur additional costs removing the door and door frame, it really is the ideal remodel filter.”

Key features and benefits of the new HCF Series Sand Filters

  • Tool-free, injection molded, internally mounted 14" x 18" industrial-grade lid and yoke assembly with two viewing windows and O-ring seal
  • Commercial-grade, 1 ½”, self cleaning injection molded, 180º slotted laterals arranged in a grid array provide superior filtration performance
  • Industrial-grade, infusion molded, gel-coated, multi-layer, glass-reinforced, thermoset composite structure
  • Self-leveling, injection molded, support legs, permanently bonded to the tank, suitable for Zone 4 seismic conditions
  • Large 12” x 16” top opening for easy media loading and filter inspection
  • Full 1” bottom media drain including ¾” integral water drain with media screen
  • Factory-built manifolds available for configuring banks of up to 6 filters

For more information, or to schedule an interview with a Hayward spokesperson, please contact Gary Young at 612-247-8123 or gyoung@scalesadvertising.com.

About Hayward Commercial
Hayward® Commercial Pool Products was officially launched in January 2010 by Hayward Industries Inc. as a business serving the commercial pool and spa market. Building on an 80-year heritage of producing high quality products for the pool industry and its reputation for customer satisfaction, Hayward's new business offers a line of technologically advanced commercial products for aquatic facilities and businesses. To ensure pool and spa operators keep their facilities running smoothly, Hayward Commercial also provides direct access to the continued support of a dedicated team of knowledgeable representatives.

Hayward's commercial products include a line of pumps, filters, heaters, automation, cleaners, valves, sanitization, safety, and color and white LED lighting products. For more information, contact Hayward Commercial at 1-800-657-2287 or visit www.haywardcommercialpool.com.