Hayward® Commercial Introduces The New 700ft² HCF Cartridge Filter

New commercial high performance cartridge filter designed for easy, manageable cleaning access that is eco-friendly.


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ELIZABETH, NJ (May 2, 2011) — Hayward® Commercial Pool Products has unveiled the new NSF listed HCF7030C, a Dual Quad-Cluster Commercial cartridge filter system combining high performance features with an eco-friendly design to both enhance water quality of pool/spa facilities as well as significantly reduce operation costs. The new cartridge system features a massive 700ft² of filter area providing a tremendous amount of dirt holding capacity with extended filter cycles. This filter is ideal for new construction as well as retrofitting into existing applications.

The HCF Cartridge filter includes eight compact cartridges that make cleaning the filter fast and manageable. According to General Manager Patrick Sweeney “Pool operators and/or managers will find this system to be a major contributor to delivering clear safe water and at the same time save thousands of gallons of carefully balanced, heated water through the elimination of backwashing.” Sweeney added, “Simply remove the cartridges and clean as desired.”

The exterior of the filter tank is molded from a strong, glass reinforced co-polymer capable of meeting the rigorous demands of the commercial pool/spa environment. The design of the top manifold provides exceptional filtration and hydraulic performance. Furthermore, the plumbing options of 2” or 2 ½” piping with 2” full flow internal piping maximize the performance of the filter.

This filter delivers clean, fresh water with effective particulate removal of 10-20 microns versus 20-40 microns using a sand filter. “Hayward Commercial’s mission is to continue to deliver high performance products that contribute to safe and healthy recreational water, enhance the bathing experience while reducing maintenance and operational costs,” said Sweeney.

Additional features and benefits of this new commercial cartridge filter HCF7030C include:

  • Noryl™ bulkhead fittings for extra strength and heat resistance
  • Full-size 1 ½” integral drain providing easy access and fast clean-out and flushing
  • Self-aligned tank top and bottom allows easy access to servicing the cartridge elements
  • Heavy-duty, tamper-proof clamp securely fastens tank top and bottom
  • Combination pressure and filter cleaning cycle indicator gauge
  • NSF listed

About Hayward Commercial
Hayward® Commercial Pool Products was officially launched in January 2010 by Hayward Industries Inc. as a business serving the commercial pool and spa market. Building on an 80-year heritage of producing high quality products for the pool industry and its reputation for customer satisfaction, Hayward's new business offers a line of technologically advanced commercial products for aquatic facilities and businesses. To ensure pool and spa operators keep their facilities running smoothly, Hayward Commercial also provides direct access to the continued support of a dedicated team of knowledgeable representatives.

Hayward's commercial products include a line of pumps, filters, heaters, automation, cleaners, valves, sanitization, safety, and color LED lighting products. For more information, contact Hayward Commercial at 1-800-657-2287 or visit www.haywardcommercialpool.com.