Hayward Commercial Aquatics Introduces Cutting-Edge Intuitive CAT Controller

The new CAT 6000™ with state-of-the-art sensor technology measures true free chlorine and offers advanced control capabilities.

ELIZABETH, NJ (July 3, 2018) – Hayward Commercial Aquatics, a leading manufacturer of commercial pool equipment, has announced its release of the CAT 6000, the latest industry-leading water chemistry controller with superior control and safety functions.

The CAT 6000 controller includes an intuitive, full-color touchscreen interface, state-of-the-art sensors, and a new feature named “Dynamic Sanitizer Control.” The controller is designed to guide the user through programming on the larger-than-usual interface to ensure a better understanding of its extensive configurations for ultimate water clarity and safety. The controller is NSF/ANSI 50 certified as well as California Title 22 compliant, as it measures true free chlorine with the industry’s most accurate chlorine ppm readings. It provides extensive monitoring options with Hayward’s legacy Professional Series pH/ORP sensors and new solid-state sensors including free chlorine, temperature, conductivity, NaCl ppm, and TDS ppm. The controller also has the ability to measure influent and effluent pressure, digital flow rates, calculate the LSI along with a plethora of other variables. The patent-pending Dynamic Sanitizer Control feature adds an extra layer of accuracy as it allows the true free chlorine and ORP to be simultaneously measured and prioritized.

“Even before the launch of the CAT 6000, we knew this advanced controller was going to be game-changing,” says General Manager Patrick Sweeney of Hayward Commercial Aquatics. “The amount of interest garnered at its reveal during this season’s trade shows and the positive feedback we’ve received from our test sites have been unparalleled. This controller has capabilities and configurable options unlike any other water chemistry controller on the market.”

The CAT 6000 is equipped with a multitude of additional key features including:

  • Energy consumption data auditing and monitoring for maximum efficiency
  • Versatile control options including 4-20 mA programmable inputs, 2 programmable auxiliary dry-contact outputs, 1 programmable powered output, and dedicated pH and sanitizer output
  • Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity providing remote system access from anywhere via PoolComm
  • Firmware updates delivered wirelessly or via USB

As a known leader in the water chemistry management market, innovation, accuracy, and simplicity remains the cornerstone of CAT Controllers®. This product is yet another example that Hayward’s CAT Controllers continue to pioneer market standards, catering to the complex needs of recreational bodies of water around the world.

About Hayward Commercial Aquatics

Hayward Commercial Aquatics, a business within Hayward Industries Inc., headquartered in Rockville, MD manufactures technologically advanced equipment for commercial pools, spas, and other recreational bodies of water. Its full line of products which are engineered for world-class water operation and safety include pioneering water chemistry automation controllers and management system, pumps, filters, heaters, sanitization, salt chlorination, lighting, cleaners, white goods, and valves.

About Hayward Industries, Inc.

Hayward Industries Inc., is a leading global manufacturer of both residential and commercial pool and spa equipment, as well as industrial flow control products which are built on safety and reliability. Headquartered in Elizabeth, NJ, Hayward designs, manufactures, and markets a full line of innovative, energy-efficient pool and spa equipment, with brands including AquaVac®, AquaRite® Salt Chlorinators, ColorLogic®, Navigator®, OmniLogic®, TriStar®, Super Pump®, TurboCell®, CAT Controllers®, HCP Pumps and Saline C® Series

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