New TriVac series skims and scours every pool surface for complete clean.


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ELIZABETH, NJ (January 22, 2016)Hayward® Pool Products announces the expansion of its automatic, in-ground swimming pool cleaner line with the introduction of the new TriVac series pressure cleaners. With two models - TriVac 700 and TriVac 500, pool owners have more choice and control when cleaning their pool. Proprietary, patented technologies exclusive to Hayward provide unique consumer selectable options currently not available in the market.

TriVac 700 is the industry's only cleaner that features a Top Skimming and Bottom/Wall cleaning mode. With its patented, unique Top Skimming feature, the cleaner can capture floating surface debris such as leaves and sticks into its extra-large filter bag. When skimming the top surface is not required, TriVac 500 has everything you need, providing a thorough and reliable clean of the bottom and walls.

TriVac is powered by Hayward's patented AquaDrive® water-jet propulsion technology. AquaDrive provides the superior power allowing the cleaner to easily and efficiently navigate the entire pool. High-pressure jets propel the cleaner to skim the top surface in addition to cleaning the floor, walls and coves. AquaDrive also gets the pool covered faster with its unique back-up sequence by reversing the cleaners direction, setting the cleaner on a new path.

According to Hayward's Global Pool Cleaner Product Manager, Patrick Caty, "TriVac puts cleaning power in pool owners' hands ensuring no pool surface remains untouched. The cleaner employs AquaDrive to efficiently clean virtually any size or shape of pool. Specifically with TriVac 700, we've virtually eliminated the need for a pool owner to ever use a net to manually remove debris from the water's surface. Pool owners simply turn the dial on the top of the cleaner left to skim the pool's top surface, or right for complete cleaning of pool floor, walls, steps and/or benches. The choice is literally in their hands."

The TriVac series offers a tremendous aftermarket opportunity for the trade. "The only difference between the two premium models is the unique Top Skimming cleaning ability of our 700 model. TriVac 500 leverages the same power from AquaDrive to clean and cover the bottom and walls but does not have the skimming feature," added Caty.

"The TriVac pressure cleaner series sets the standard for unprecendented performance, power and value, delivering an extremely efficient and thorough clean, while very simple-to-use. TriVac 700 is the industry's only cleaner that can deliver automatic results, forget the net!" Caty concluded.

TriVac 500 is now available for purchase. TriVac 700 is scheduled for release in April 2016.


  • Two models are available: TriVac 700 features easy-access dial that offers a choice between patented Top Skimming Mode to capture floating surface debris or Bottom/Wall Mode to clean the pool floor, walls and coves. TriVac 500 features Bottom/Wall Mode only.
  • Patented AquaDrive® technology provides superior coverage and protection of the pool surface.
  • Unique short back-up sequence helps reduce cleaning time.
  • Three high-pressure venturi jets and a wide vacuum inlet easily pick up larger debris.
  • Low-friction wheels eliminate wear-and-tear on pool surfaces.
  • Patented extra-large debris bag with unique float carries more and requires less maintenance.
  • Powerful sweep hose improves coverage by stirring up debris in hard-to-reach areas.

TriVac 700 is part of the Hayward Expert Line, sold through brick and mortar retailers and professionals only. This product is not available for online resale. The TriVac 500 is available through all channels.

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