CPSC Drain Cover Update

Hayward, along with a number of other manufactures of swimming pool drain covers, has recently been contacted by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission which has been looking at ways to improve testing procedures for better compliance with standards that cover suction fittings for use in swimming pools, wading pools, spas and hot tubs. The CPSC believes the testing certification procedures used by the independent testing labs may have resulted in flow ratings for certain pool and spa drains that were not as precise as they should be.

Hayward’s pool and spa drain covers are safe. This is an issue being resolved about testing protocols and procedures utilized by independent labs.

Hayward itself has engaged several independent laboratories who are now re-testing the company’s products to address issues raised by the CPSC. Hayward is taking these extra steps, along with this early notification, out of respect to our many long, valued and trusted customer relationships.

For updates on this issue, we will be posting as much information on this development as soon as it becomes available to us on our website.