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  • Image for AquaRite 940 w/ OmniHub Smart Pool Control (Expert Line) from Hayward Residential and Commercial Pool Products
  • Image for AquaRite 940 w/ OmniHub Smart Pool Control (Expert Line) from Hayward Residential and Commercial Pool Products
AquaRite 940 w/ OmniHub Smart Pool Control (Expert Line) Item #HLAQR940
Product Description

EXPERT LINE products are only available through your local pool professional.

World’s #1 Saltwater pool System with Smart Pool Control

AquaRite 940 Omni is the perfect solution for installing a salt chlorinator and adding pool and spa control at the same time. It offers the most convenient alternative to conventional chlorine—bringing pools the very best in soft, silky, perfectly sanitized water – while also delivering simple control of the entire pool pad.

Through Hayward OmniHub Smart Pool and Spa Control, users have the ability to adjust water temperature, control pump speed, set lighting, switch to spa settings, and more – right from a smartphone, tablet, or Alexa® device. OmniHub can also be added to existing AquaRite systems for a total backyard upgrade.

Download the AquaRite Sell Sheet to learn more.

It’s never been simpler to create a luxurious saltwater pool that can be controlled from anywhere.

Features & Benefits:

  • Best water quality available delivers crystal clear water with a soft, silk feel that is always ready for swimming. No more red eyes or irritated skin.
  • Extended Life TurboCell produces 25% more chlorine over its lifetime, cutting annual chlorine costs by 50%.
  • Industry’s best 4-year warranty
  • Simple homeowner operation with the ability to adjust chlorine output from 0–100%
  • Smart Pool Control Compatible: Bundle existing or new AquaRite installations with Hayward OmniHub smart pool and spa control to deliver instant and convenient access, control, and management to the entire pool pad.
  • NSF certified for chlorine delivery rates
  • Easy to understand digital display
  • Automatic cell cleaning using reverse polarity technology
  • Super chlorinate function
  • Single unit for 120VAC/240VAC 50/60Hz input
  • Weatherproof enclosure and connections
  • ETL safety certified

Limited-time rebates and promotions now available. Contact a dealer for details.

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HLAQR940   AquaRite 940 w/ OmniHub Smart Pool Control (Expert Line) Replacement Parts

Omni Support

Omni Firmware

Below you will find the latest Hayward OmniLogic Controls Firmware updates available. Please locate the Hardware that you would like to update and download the latest Firmware onto your USB memory stick. You will need to bring the USB memory stick to the Omni Control product. For OmniLogic simply plug it into the side of the Local Display behind the Dead Front and for OmniHub you will need to access the port on the bottom of the display. Next, you will need to access service mode through the power button on the bottom left corner of the main screen and from the next menu find the upgrade button, then pick the component or remote that you are upgrading. The Omni controllers will automatically reboot after the upgrade is complete. We suggest you consult your pool professional when upgrading OmniLogic firmware.

Hardware Version Release Date Release Notes Download
(Main System Processor / Main System Touch Display)
R4.0.1 01/14/2021 Adobe Acrobat file View
6 MB

Previous Version
(Main Panel Processor / Main Board / Hub Board)
R3.2.0 12/19/2019 Adobe Acrobat file View
81 KB

Previous Version
Wired (Remote) Terminal - HLWALLMOUNT
Wireless (Remote) Terminal - HLWIRELESS
R4.0.0 10/30/2020 Adobe Acrobat file View
4.9 MB

Previous Version
Smart Relay R3.0.0 01/14/2019 Adobe Acrobat file View
73.66 KB
Expansion Panel R3.2.0 12/19/2019 Adobe Acrobat file View
3.2 MB
Spa Side Remote R3.2.0 12/19/2019 Adobe Acrobat file View
67 KB

  • In order to install firmware, installation files must be on the root directory of the USB drive.

  • It is best if you download the firmware in Chrome, Firefox or Safari browsers. If you download in Internet Explorer, once your download is complete, please remove the ".TXT" extension from the file on the USB device.

  View OmniLogic Tutorial Videos Here

Do you need help with saving installation files onto a USB drive?