#1 Rated Pumps in Energy Efficiency*

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These days, it's unacceptable to make a pump that's powerful but wasteful with energy. Our ultra-high efficiency pumps don't force you to choose—they deliver both power and energy efficiency, with zero trade-offs. Engineered with advanced hydraulic technology, a new generation of motors and cutting-edge electronic components, they work harder, last longer and run quieter than anything else on the market.** Who says you can't have it all?

we build better.


Digital Control Interface

Unlimited Speed Selections

Automation Communication

Dual Voltage


Simple Button Programming

Select Speed Options

Relay COnnectivity

Dual Voltage

We’ll prove it’s better within 60 days.

Our ultra-high efficiency pumps is engineered to set a new standard for quality and performance. As soon as your new pump is installed by an authorized dealer, you'll notice the difference. The astonishingly quiet sound will make you wonder if its actually running. Convenient controls will enable you to schedule your pump speeds for industry-leading efficiency. And when your energy bills come in, you’ll see an undeniable improvement. If you're not totally satisfied with your pump within 60 days, we'll take it back and give you a full refund.*** No questions asked—that's how confident we are that we build better.

What is WEF

Weighted energy factor (WEF) is the measurement of a pump's efficiency, representing its real-world performance. It combines energy usage, flow rate and other factors into one easy-to-understand rating. Simply put: the higher the WEF, the greater the efficiency. And for that reason, the US Department of Energy (DOE) has adopted the WEF rating system for its regulatory standards.

hayward has the highest wef rating in the industry.*


Thanks to leading-edge design and precision engineering, Hayward ultra-high efficiency pumps represent a major leap forward in thermal efficiency. This pivotal improvement helps them run smoother, longer and up to 50% quieter at maximum speeds than leading competing models.** Without question, it's a design that screams quality—very, very quietly.


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*Based on TriStar VS 900 among in-ground pool pump ratings, per U.S. Department of Energy efficiency metrics as of August 1, 2021. Visit hayward.com/regulations for details.

**Based on independent third party sound testing data.

***When sold and installed by a Totally Hayward® Partner. Exclusions, other terms and conditions may apply — visit hayward.com/expert for details.