8 Tools to Service your Customers Safely

We’ve compiled a list of 8 useful tools that will help you and your staff service your customers safely during this time. These tools will help you save time, stay healthy, and allow you to continue doing what you do best.

  1. Curbside Service & Online Ordering.

    Customers can schedule a time, contact information, and verify payment method on your website then drop off a water sample and wait in their cars while your staff tests it. After you have the results, you can drop off the needed chemicals by their car and charge the card on file for the needed supplies.

    If you don’t have a website already, you can look into basic e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Square, Wix, or Wordpress WooCommerce to get up and running fairly quickly. Don’t forget to also look into Live Chat tools while you’re there!

  2. Drone Inspection Services.

    If a customer reaches out to you asking for help with an issue in their yard, bring your drone with you! Your staff can drive over to the customers house and stay near their cars while they fly the drone into the backyard to evaluate the situation.

    There are many drone options available in a wide cost range. Take a look at articles such as this one to start gathering information on which one might be best for your business.

  3. Leverage technology to run your business remotely.

    Keep your team safe by minimizing their contact with each other, and let your customers know you can provide services from a distance. Encourage your customers to place orders online and get contact-less delivery to the front of their door. (Think GrubHub!)

    If you need help managing customer data and sending out quotes, take a look at the Hayward Pool Solutions app that is available for free to remotely send out product recommendations.

  4. Video Conferencing.

    Video conferencing is quickly gaining popularity as we try to stay close to our customers while maintaining a safe distance. You can use video conferencing to provide updates or even have a customer show you any problems around the pool.

    Free video conferencing options include Google Hangouts, Zoom, Facebook, or even FaceTime if you have an iPhone.

  5. Keep your business top of mind with email marketing.

    Leverage email marketing to communicate to your customers. You can keep them on track for a successful pool open, ensure continuous maintenance, educate them on DIY maintenance and best practices, and even boost sales.

    Free starter email marketing platforms include MailChimp.com, HubSpot.com, SendInBlue.com, and OmniSend.com. You can even quickly build out promotional email templates utilizing files found in Hayward’s download center.

  6. Utilize Small Business Administration (SBA) tools.

    Learn about guidance for businesses and employers, access local assistance, and Coronavirus funding options from the SBA. Visit sba.gov.

  7. Take Pictures or Videos.

    If you need to service a pool, take before and after pictures of the pool and equipment. This will allow you to provide your customers a service without them needing to step out into the backyard with you. When you’ve left, make sure to email the pictures over to your customer.

  8. Hayward Buyers Guide.

    Don’t forget we have the Hayward Buyers Guide also available digitally at hayward.com/buyersguide. This includes product information, technical specifications, and product features on an assortment of Expert Line and Open Line Products.