2012 - 2013 CAT Controllers® Traning Seminar Dates

Hayward Commercial invites you to attend their 2012 and 2013 educational training seminars. Seats are filling up fast, so reserve your spot today. To secure your desired date/s, please e-mail Troy McGinty with names of attendees, their email addresses and dates of sessions they will be attending.

All seminars will be held at Hayward Commercial Pool Headquarters

10101 Molecular Drive, Suite 200, Rockville, MD 20850

CAT Controller Seminar Dates CAT Controller Additional Fusion Session

CPO Fusion sessions allow you to take half of the session on-line and the other half at the Rockville office. Traditionally, sessions are two days in a classroom setting. This will allow you to only have to travel to the Rockville location 1 day. Email Troy McGinty mtmcginty@haywardnet.com to request your CPO Primer Online Code and finish your first day of CPO session on-line. After finishing the online portion of the CPO session, pick the above date to complete your CPO course and follow up the next day with a full FREE CAT Controller Training and Hayward Commercial Product Overview. For more information on CPO Primer and Fusion view the National Swimming Pool Foundation website at www.nspf.com.

CAT Controller Commercial Training

In addition to this valuable training, each attendee will receive a CAT Training notebook, Hayward Product Specification and Engineering binder, USB storage device with digital copies of all provided information and a Certificate of Course Completion. Please email Troy McGinty mtmcginty@haywardnet.com with your confirmation.