Flow Control

Hayward Flow Control has been manufacturing industrial thermoplastic valves and process control products since the inception of the thermoplastic valve industry. You can count on Hayward Flow Control parts for continued reliability.
Product Listing
Solenoid Valve Parts
SV Series Solenoid valves have various package replacement kits including cartridge & seal kits, the bonnet nut, and the coil, bonnet, nut & clip kits.
TB Series True Union Ball Valve Parts
TB Series Ball valves spare parts include ball, stem & handle kits, end connectors, and seat & seal repair kits.
True Union 3-Way Ball Valve Parts
TW & LA Series Three-way Ball valves spare parts include the handle, the ball, and the end connectors.
TC Series True Union Ball Check Valve Parts
TC Series Check valves replacement parts are the end connectors and the seat & seal repair kits.
BY Series Butterfly Valve Parts
BY Series Butterfly valves have a 316 SSTL blowout proof shaft, full body liners and conform to ANSI B16 face to face dimensions.
BY Series Butterfly Valve Liner & Seal Kits
BY Series butterfly valves feature a full body liner with v-notch retention design to assure positive sealing against mating flanges. Liner and seal kits are offered in FPM, EPDM and Nitrile elastomers.
DAB Series Diaphragm Valve Parts
DAB Series Diaphragm valves replacement parts are the diaphragm, end connectors and o-ring kits.
Bulkhead Fitting Gaskets
The complete line of Hayward bulkhead fittings are offered with gasket replacements in FPM and EPDM to meet your process requirements.
Basket Strainer Parts
Hayward Basket Strainers are offered in PVC, CPVC, PP and clear Eastar materials. When you must protect your lines from process fluid materials trust a Hayward basket strainer to perform to your highest expectations.
Basket Strainer Replacement Baskets
Hayward Basket Strainers come standard with a perforated thermoplastic basket in either PVC or CPVC. Our full line of basket replacements are offered in Stainless Steel, Hastelloy and Monel for a customized quote.
Extra Replacement Screens for Y-Strainers
YS Series Y-Strainers have screen replacements available in a myriad of perforated and MESH sizes. You can also replace the hex end cap.