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Commercial Fiberglass Sand Filter, 34in, 3in Bulkhead Item # HCF343T
Product Description

Commercial Product Logos The next generation HCF Series Sand Filters resets the bar for quality and performance in the recreational water market now with a 5-year warranty. New rapid open\close tool-free lid mechanism features an industrial-grade yoke assembly and a massive 12" × 16" manway with two viewing windows to allow for visual inspection while filter is in operation. Non-corrosive glass filled ABS legs all for better serviceability, convenience in media loading and filter inspection. Infusion molded, gel-coated thermoset composite fiberglass structure is complemented with oversized, grid-array laterals to improve filtration and lengthen filter cycle time.

The range has expanded to address the requirements of the renovation/replacement market with the introduction of new 34" models capable of fitting through standard 36" doors.

  • Tool-free, injection-molded, internally mounted 14” x 18” industrial-grade lid and yoke assembly with two viewing windows and O-ring Seal
  • Commercial-grade, 1 ½", self cleaning injection-molded, 180° slotted laterals arranged in a grid-array provide superior filtration performance
  • Industrial-grade, infusion-molded, gel-coated, multi-layer, glass-reinforced, thermoset composite structure
  • Self leveling, injection-molded support legs are permanently bonded to the tank, suitable for Zone 4 earthquake conditions
  • Large 12" × 16" top opening for easy media loading and filter inspection
  • Full 1" bottom media drain including ¾" integral water drain with media screen
  • New warranty policy 5-year parts, 1-year labor
  • NSF/ANSI Standard 50 Certified
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