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HydroRite UVO₃, 75 Gpm Item # HYR2CSC-UVO
Product Description

Commercial Product LogosUsed as a supplementary disinfectant system, as recommended by the Model Aquatic Health Code guidelines, HydroRite™ UVO₃ delivers a powerful trio of disinfectants – utilizing UV, Ozone and Advanced Oxidants – that work synergistically to inactivate more than 99.9% of harmful chlorine-resistant microorganisms in residential or commercial pools. NSF Certified HydroRite UVO₃ makes it easier and more affordable than ever to provide your facility the most advanced all-in-one UV and Ozone system the industry has ever seen.

  • Advanced water treatment system combining three powerful disinfectants
  • Inactivates more than 99.9% of harmful chlorine-resistant microorganisms such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia
  • Reduces irritating chloramines by 50% or more, improving indoor air quality and enhancing the swimming experience
  • Reduces overall chemical usage and chlorine demand by 50% or more, reducing operating costs and extending the life of salt chlorination cells
  • Compact design, single vessel and controller for easy install into new and/or existing pools
  • Simple plumbing, available in residential 2” model, or commercial 2” models
  • NSF/ANSI Standard 50 Certified

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HydroRite™ UVO₃

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