Whether you want to enable web-based monitoring for your CAT wireless controller, customize your application with an array of available accessories, or simply need parts, you can count on Hayward Commercial pool for all automation requirements.
Product Listing
Retrofit Kits
Existing CAT 4000 and CAT 5000 controller installations can be field upgraded via a Wi-Fi® retrofit kit.
Electrical Components
Interface cables, power cords, and replacement fuses for Hayward® Commercial controllers.
Chemical Feed Equipment and Parts
Hayward ® Commercial offers a full line of chemical storage and feed equipment to ensure accurate, reliable, and consistent dispensing of chlorine, acid solution, and CO2 for safe water chemistry maintenance
Installation Equipment and Parts
Hayward® Commercial offers a variety of Flow Cells, Flow Sensors, PVC Backboards, valves, fittings, and tubing to facilitate neat, professional system installation.
Other Accessories and Parts
Thermal Printers and Communications Accessories including remote antennas and extension cables.
Sensors and Accessories
In addition to our Professional Series pH and ORP sensors, Hayward® Commercial offers a full range of compatible sensors for monitoring and/or controlling flow, pressure, temperature, water level, and tank level.