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ProSeries™ Plus
Product Description

Commercial Product Logos With all the ProSeries advanced features, ProSeries Plus filters are designed to meet the needs of the most demanding applications including large residential and semi-commercial pools, in-floor cleaning systems, solar heating systems and water features. Its spherical tank design evenly distributes the high pressure and stresses associated with these applications, resulting in greater strength and longer life.

  • Durable, corrosion proof materials for dependable all weather performance
  • Heavy-duty, flanged inspection cover provides convenient access to top of filter
  • 2" internal piping for smooth, free-flowing performance
  • Automatic air relief purges trapped air during operation
  • Large pressure sand/water drain for rapid winterizing or servicing
  • Optional valve and coupling selections for plumbing ease and versatility
  • Precision engineered umbrella-fold self-cleaning laterals for balanced flow and backwashing
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Filter Models

Technical Specifications

Model Valve Sand Required Dimen. Width Dimen. Height
S311SX Not Included* 350 lbs. 31" 38 5/8"
S311SXV Slide Valve 350 lbs. 31" 38 5/8"
S360SX Not Included* 700 lbs. 36" 46"
Model Turnover 8 Hrs (Gal) Effective Filtration Area Design Flow Rate Turnover 10 Hrs (Gal)
S311SXV 47,520 4.95 ft.2 99 GPM 59,400
S360SX 62,400 6.50 ft.2 130 GPM 78,000