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Hayward® Commercial Aquatics offers the latest in filtration technology with the HCF Series of high-performance sand and cartridge filters, well-positioned to meet the most demanding filtration requirements. Our heavy-duty fiberglass sand filters provide unprecedented sizes, innovative features and a 5-year warranty. Our dual-quad cluster HCF7030C cartridge system features increased hydraulic efficiency, reducing operation costs.
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HCF Cartridge Filters

The Dual Quad-Cluster commercial HCF7030C cartridge filter system features a massive 700sq ft. of filter media. It is ideal for both new pool and aftermarket installations accommodating commercial flow rates to 150 GPM.

ProSeries™ Plus

With all the ProSeries advanced features, ProSeries Plus filters are designed to meet the needs of the most demanding applications including large residential and semi-commercial pools, in-floor cleaning systems, solar heating systems and water features.

HCF Series Sand Filters

The HCF Series Sand Filter is engineered to stand the test of time. An optimized internal and external design improves filter cycle times, accuracy, install times and reduces maintenance while increasing durability against compromising elements.