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MakoShark 2
Product Description
MakoShark and MakoShark 2 feature the fastest pool-cleaning time, are fully automatic, self contained and built to last. They have the fastest cleaning time and an unsurpassed reputation for service and customer satisfaction! MakoShark and MakoShark 2 are perfect for above-ground or in-ground pools. There's no installation, no waiting, no over-the-deck or through-the-wall plumbing.

MakoShark has a 90 minute cleaning time for a typical 16' x 32' pool. It picks up all debris, large and small, and it comes equipped with two filter bags: one for leaves and another that traps sand and fine silt. Extra disposable bags are available from local retailers.

MakoShark 2 has a 60 minute cleaning time for a typical 16' x 32' pool. It comes with a patented filter cartridge that makes clean-up simple. Just remove it and rinse it with a garden hose. MakoShark 2 is also the only automatic cleaner that can chlorinate while itcleans!

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