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Skim-Master Series
Product Description

These versatile large capacity automatic skimmers feature durable ABS unibody construction, multiple plumbing configurations and color options. They also include a 3/4in. auxiliary knockout port that can be use as a pool overflow or water fill line.

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In-Ground (Concrete) Skimmer Buying Guide

Model Pipe Size Cover Style Throat Length
SP1071210 2" FIP Round 4 1/2"
SP1071210FVA 2" FIP Round 4 1/2"
SP10712BLK 2" FIP Round 4 1/2"
SP10712FVE 2" FIP Round 4 1/2"
SP10712GR 2" FIP Round 4 1/2"


  • In-ground, concrete and gunite, residential or commercial pools




Float Valve Assembly (SP1070FV)

Item #SP1070FV

Float valve assembly for Skim-Master series skimmers

Float Valve & Equalizer kit (SP1070FVEKIT)

Item #SP1070FVEKIT

Float valve and equalizer kit for Skim-Master series skimmers

Extension Collar (SP1070P)

Item #SP1070P

Extension collar for Skim-Master series skimmers

Pressure Test Plug Kit (SP1070TPK)

Item #SP1070TPK

Pressure test plug kit for Skim-Master series skimmers

Equalizer Valve (SP1078)

Item #SP1078

Equalizer valve assembly for Skim-Master and Auto-Skim series skimmers