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MakoShark 2
Product Description

MakoShark™ 2 features the fastest pool cleaning time, is fully automatic, self contained and built to last. It has the fastest cleaning time and an unsurpassed reputation for service and customer satisfaction. Just place it in the pool, plug it into a GFCI outlet and watch it go! Keep MakoShark 2 in your pool as long as you need it and remove it when the pool is clean.

MakoShark 2 has a 60 minute cleaning time for a typical 16' X 32'. It comes with a patented filter cartridge that makes clean-up simple. Just remove it and rinse it with a garden hose. MakoShark 2 is also the only automatic cleaner that can chlorinate while it cleans. Simply add a standard 3in chlorine tablet to the convenient Vac Chlor holder to chlorinate your pool each time you vacuum for sparkling clear water.

  • 60 minute clean time (average 16' x 32' pool)
  • Self- contained filters
  • Built in Vac Chlor System
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Technical Specifications

Model Rec. Pool Size Gallons Circulated Filter Micron Porosity/Area Motor System Cleaning System

Technical Specifications Cont.

Model Cord Length Voltage Height/Width/Length Caddy Cart


  • Commercial pools up to 16' x 32'