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CrystaLogic 320 1.5-inch LED light, 30 ft. cord Item #LAWUS11030
Product Description

Commercial Product Logos Bring light to all corners of any commercial pool or spa with CrystaLogic® 320 & 160 LED lights! The new 1.5-inch pool, spa and accent lights provide brilliant, yet low-profile lighting to all water environments, and provide complete synchronization with all Universal CrystaLogic® lights. CrystaLogic® 1.5-inch lights can light an entire pool or spa, and is also ideal for highlighting steps, bubblers, baja shelves and other water features.

  • Total coordination of all water environments and with Universal CrystaLogic® Lights
  • Easiest 1.5-inch lights to install at just 4 inches below waterline and in as little as 8 inches of PVC conduit
  • Ideal for lighting full pools or spas, or highlighting steps, water features, baja shelves, bubblers, spray/splash pads and more
  • Can be installed in wet or dry/landscape applications
  • Lasts 10 times longer than incandescent lights
  • Available in two brightness levels with multiple cord lengths
  • Vinyl, Fiberglass, and Concrete low-profile installations
  • Comes with simple installation tool
  • UL-listed for safe floor or wall installation
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CrystaLogic 320 & 160 LED Lights

LAWUS11030   CrystaLogic 320 1.5-inch LED light, 30 ft. cord Replacement Parts