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Payment, Pricing & Promotions

When will I receive my order?
Hayward’s lead time to ship is typically 3-5 business days during the off-season and 5-7 in season, provided we have available stock. You can check order status by logging into your account and checking the order details.

How do I track my order?
Log into your account, click on order history, enter Purchase order #, Sales order #, date range, etc. and select your order. Clicking on any of the blue underlined fields will expand the section and provide additional detail.

How do I apply a promo code?
When ordering items with associated special promotions, the promo code should be entered into the box that appears on the order checkout page.

Can I check for rebates?
Rebates will not appear on the ordering pages. To check for active rebates, go to Rebate Center in left navigation bar.

Is there sales tax?
Certain states/localities are subject to sales tax and will be applied to the order automatically as required. See list below.

I've created an account why can't I see my pricing?
If you are a Hayward trade partner you must create a Pool Professional account and be logged in to the web site to view pricing. Once your account request is approved, Hayward will send you a confirmation email informing you the account is activated. Upon activation, you will be able to purchase anything available in your contract.

If you are a consumer, please be aware that Hayward products are only sold through our trade partners; our trade partners define the market price. Please click on the link below to locate a dealer in your area.

Can I view available PAPs online?
Soon you will be able to access and print available PAPs vouchers on line. Look for an email from Hayward on availability and detailed instructions.

Can I process or submit PAPs online for credit?
Soon you will be able to process PAPs on line. Look for an email from Hayward on availability and detailed instructions.


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