Enhance your pool experience with lighting by creating a back yard ambiance that is uniquely you. Modify your environment to suit your tastes and mood, creating a paradise that extends far beyong your pool. Tantalize your senses, sight, sound and touch.
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UCL Pool Color Network 12V 30FT
ColorLogic 320 1.5-inch LED light, 30 ft. cord, Networked
UCL Pool 12V 30' White 300W Equivalent
CrystaLogic 320 1.5-inch LED light, 30 ft. cord
ColorLogic 4.0 LED Pool, 120v, 100' Cable, Plastic

Item #SP0527LED100

For New Construction ColorLogic 4.0 lighting incorporates innovation and technology as the leading underwater light. It provides brighter, more vivid colors and light shows that are energy efficient, with feature rich options for pools an

AstroLite Pool Lighting

Available in a choice of attractive face rim models, from an injection-molded patterned design, to a smooth, machine-polished stainless steel design, AstroLite comes in a wide range of voltages, wattages, and cord lengths to satisfy any installation.

75W/12V Spalight 100Ft Cord -H

Item #SP0590HSL100

AstroLite II series lights feature machine-polished stainless steel face rims, a choice of halogen or incandescent lighting, and a wide range of voltages, wattages and cord lengths.

UCL All Plastic Niche, Shallow, Concrete
UCL 70W XFMR Conv Kit Hayward Jbox
Duraniche -Gunite/Concrete- W/

Item #SP0600U

DuraNiche niches are injection-molded of PVC for superior performance, non-corrosive durability and plumbing versatility - plus the lowest installed cost.


Item #SP0607U

JiffyNiche is designed for vinyl and fiberglass pools and spas. The niche offers ease of installation and attractive injection molded face ring assembly for corrosion-free performance.

Large Niche-Gun/Con Ss 1/2 Sid

Item #SP0604C

Hayward's stainless steel niches are built from solid, non-corrosive stainless steel.