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Automatic skimmer vacuum plate Item # W491R
Product Description
<p>The Hayward Skimmer Vac Plate is a great accessory for achieving a pool cleaning balance that automatically alternates between skimming and vacuuming with each cycle of the filtration system's time clock. Features include a pressure relief valve for safety and reinforced ABS construction for strength and durability.</p>
<li>Automatically alternates between vacuuming the pool and skimming the pool's surface</li>
<li>Finger-tip dial control for superior skimming action and proper vacuum settings</li>
<li>Back-mounted vacuum gauge conveniently located for simple and accurate vacuum measurements</li>
<li>Adjustable standpipe for various skimmer depths</li>
<li>Factory-set pressure relief valve for added safety</li>
<li>Reinforced ABS construction for durability</li>
<li>Compatible with Hayward SP1070, SP1071, SP1075, All Swim Quip U-3&rsquo;s, American Products, Pac-Fab Bermuda</li>
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46 lbs.
Automatic skimmer vacuum plate (compatible with Hayward SP1070, SP1075, All Swim Quip U-3's, American Products, Pac-Fab Bermuda)

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